transfrontier ranger training


Join us on March 17th 2022 as we celebrate the Pelorus Foundation and our ongoing fundraising efforts. Established in October 2020, the Pelorus Foundation aims to protect, preserve and promote at-risk wildlife and environments across the globe. Now, more than ever before, our actions are critical to safeguard the health of our planet.


Location: Royal Geographic Society

Date: March 17th 2022 Time: 1800 BST

Ticket price: £45

We are delighted to announce Emily Penn as the guest speaker for the Pelorus Foundation’s official launch event. A true oceans advocate and passionate about marine conservation, Emily shares similar values to the Pelorus Foundation. We have invited Emily to speak at our launch event, using the platform to share her astonishing stories of ocean exploration, the importance of our blue planet, and global conservation. Emily’s talk will be followed by an engaging Q&A where you will have the opportunity to raise your voice and learn from this inspiring individual. 

We are paving the way for a more sustainable future by identifying and supporting high impact operators who are on the front lines of conservation and environmental protection. By providing individuals and organisations with crucial support, we are helping them in their fight to protect wild species and extraordinary habitats from the threats they face.

In a world where more than 1 million species are threatened by extinction, consequently we are facing the devastating collapse of ecosystems and biodiversity losses. Striving towards the reversal of these trends, the Pelorus Foundation is taking direct action through creating and supporting a number of inspirational projects.


To guarantee the success of our projects, fundraising is vital. In December 2020, Pelorus Co-Founder Jimmy Carroll undertook one of the world’s most incredible feats. Motivated by his personal passion, coupled with the preservation and protection of our oceans, Jimmy rowed 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. As the first major fundraiser for the Foundation, this challenge was a monumental achievement.

Thank you again to those who donated towards this important cause.

Supporting GKEPF, the funds raised were deployed to southern Africa where we are training rangers to fight crime in one of the world’s most dangerous environments.

We are excited to announce future fundraising events soon.

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As a result of the pandemic, unfortunately we were not able to celebrate the official launch of the Pelorus Foundation. As life slowly returns to normal in an increasingly brighter 2021, we now have the exciting opportunity to host a charity event. Not only are we celebrating the Foundation, but we are also celebrating the partnerships we have created in unique destinations around the world.

In partnership with Frontier, we have adopted a force multiplier approach through providing field rangers with essential ground-to-air training including air support, tracking, and first aid. Focused in Africa’s vulnerable transfrontier area, this training course ensures individuals are prepared to tackle illegal wildlife crime and protect the continent’s most important rhino population.

In Costa Rica, our Marine Conservation Researcher has been working hard at Estación Las Tortugas to help protect the critically endangered leatherback turtle. Situated on the Caribbean coast, this pioneering project would not be possible or successful without volunteers like Kirsty.

These are just a couple of initiatives we are hugely proud to be involved with. On the back of our conservation projects and ongoing fundraising campaigns, the Pelorus Foundation team are always looking ahead with the hope of making a positive impact in places which need it most. Please keep an eye on our website and social media as we will be announcing a new Mozambique-based marine project later this year.

We look forward to seeing you in September to celebrate and raise awareness of the Pelorus Foundation, our partners, and the importance of conservation and environmental protection globally.