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The Pelorus Foundation is working in partnership with World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced programme to enable individuals and travel organisations to offset the emissions caused by the trips they organise. Through conducting a carbon balance audit, we are able to measure the emissions impact of multiple aspects of a trip to determine the precise cost of offsetting and provide necessary funding for projects specifically aligned to the Carbon Balanced programme.

The World Land Trust has a proven track record of establishing and sustaining long term projects that support the protection and restoration of vital carbon-rich wildlife habitats in the tropics. By safeguarding these environments, that would otherwise be destroyed or degraded, we are able to prevent the damaging release of stored carbon into the atmosphere. 10-20% of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by habitat destruction.

One example of the crucial work being supported is a project in Vietnam, focussing on protecting the biodiversity of Khe Nuoc Trong forest through the establishment of a nationally recognised protected area. The project provides valuable assistance to the forest management board to improve patrolling and detection of illegal activities and to implement a coordinated forest management plan. In addition to forest protection, the project works closely with local communities surrounding the Khe Nuoc Trong forest to reduce the driving forces behind illegal encroachment on the forest.

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